Our Projects

We aim to restore the hope, optimism and self-esteem of youths aged 14 –24 in South London so that they can:

• Lead healthy lives
• Stay in school
• Grow up to become independent productive adults;
• Have lofty aspirations and work to attain their innate potential

Thank you for your interest. We welcome your support.

The Career Pathway Programme

Lysis offers internships and work experience via Damilola Taylor Trust’s Work in the City

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The Damilola Taylor Memorial Lecture 2017

Designed to keep the issue of violent youth crime and its destructive impact on the life chances of youths in inner cities on the public agenda, to influence thought leaders and policy makers.

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Southwark: Past and Present Documentary

A short film examining the history of the borough, its cultural, economic and architectural growth as well as interviews with local residents to find out what it means to live in Southwark.

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Inspire Schools Road Show

The Sola Inspire schools road-show is a role model programme that places Spirit of London Awards ambassadors in the school environment to deliver inspirational workshops.

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Spirit of London Awards

Fondly referred to as the ‘Community Youth Oscars’ SOLA was delivered as an annual event from 2009 to 2012, celebrating the positive achievements of young people primarily in London.

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Future: Youth Mentoring and Job Ready Skills Project

A new project for 15 to 24 year old’s to create better life chances by setting weekly and monthly targets with clear monitoring mechanisms.

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Current: Youth filming & photography

Designed to give young people from Peckham the opportunity to learn new skills and produce a film depicting a chose issue that is most significant to their experiences.

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Extended Medical Degree Programme

A programme developed to encourage students from educationally and socially disadvantaged backgrounds to study Medicine.

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